Mission and Vision


We will build a safe, healthy, and educated community.


Our mission is a commitment to assisting the Harbor Area communities with life-changing services that encourage, inform, educate, and empower our families to live healthy and purposeful lives.  Our goal is to assist individuals and families to become self-sufficient.


Service: We serve others before ourselves

  • We listen to our client’s needs and respectfully answer our client’s questions
  • We are courteous and positive in each interaction
  • We leave our personal issues at home

Trust: We remain honest and transparent

  • We keep our promises and meet our commitments
  • We maintain confidentiality
  • We challenge dishonesty, selfishness and negativity
  • We are reliable

Integrity: We always do what is right

  • We always exhibit the correct behaviors at work
  • We do what we say we will do
  • We positively represent Toberman to clients, to the community, and to colleagues
  • We recognize and celebrate others’ accomplishments

Driven for Excellence: We strive for continuous growth

  • We strive to improve, using feedback to help us target changes in our behavior
  • We teach, train, and support the development of others by sharing our knowledge
  • We set goals for our own growth and we work diligently to achieve our goals

Organizational Beliefs

We believe children should not be homeless or hungry and all children should be safe.
We believe the education of children, youth, and adults are essential to building a strong community. We believe in “second chances” for clients who are committed to making a difference in their own lives.
We believe in accountability for our resources, time, and money.
We believe that our success is due to our collaboration with others; guidance from a dedicated Board of Trustees and a strong, knowledgeable Leadership Team, partnerships with other agencies to fill our service gaps and volunteers who help us accomplish our goals.


We believe if we provide clients with the tools/resources to become self-sufficient, we can change our community, improving safety and increasing the likelihood that the persistent, generational poverty our families experience, will be replaced with families able to care for their own needs.