It starts with leadership, and we have a passionate leadership team who love their jobs. Our team provides the leadership for Toberman Neighborhood Center and support and resources for our programs. TNC is led by senior staff Executive Director, Darlene Kiyan, Director of Programs, Michele Fallon, Director of Development, Cathy Cesarz, Director of Operations, Rondre Jackson, Gang Intervention Manager, Kenny Green, Gang Prevention Manager, David Jones and Sandra Rascon, Manager for Children, Youth & Family Services.

Darlene Kiyan, Executive Director

Growing up in Canada, Darlene began volunteering as a teen. She volunteered for the Red Cross, the Canadian Mental Health Association and Probation-Community Corrections Department, working with youth on reservations and urban areas. After graduating from the University of Alberta, Darlene spent the next seven years in Japan working in an import company. This experience led to a relocation to Los Angeles where she was able to reconnect with her passion of volunteering. After a year of volunteering Darlene left the for-profit world. She joined the YMCA of Greater Los Angeles for eleven years, impacting the lives of families and children through programs that focused on leadership, education and physical fitness. After leaving the YMCA Darlene successfully led the expansion of Playworks SoCal, an anti-bullying program that promotes social emotional learning through play and re-launched the Girls Inc. Los Angeles program. Darlene is excited to apply her knowledge and nonprofit expertise to continue to empower the lives of the families in the Harbor area.

Michele FallonDirector of Programs

Michele Fallon has always had a passion for working with youth which led her to working with LAUSD for 10 years.  After that, Michele became a teacher at a private school and learned that although she enjoyed working with youth, she recognized the need of assisting families as a whole is where she would be more useful.  When Michele first came to Toberman in 2006, she worked as a case manager for the youth prevention program which allowed her to work with the youth and their families on a daily basis.  She has an extensive background in child and youth development and helping all families reach their full potential.  Michele has experienced many achievements with her tenure here at Toberman.  She continues to look forward to providing expert leadership in all program areas.

Kenny Green, Gang Intervention Manager

Kenny has dedicated his life working with youth and young adults in the Harbor area. Since 1997, he has worked in Toberman’s Gang Intervention and Prevention Program with a track record of working with multi-ethnic groups. His years of training give him a theoretical and practical understanding of the best practices of both the medical model and the revisionist ethnic-cultural competency model, as well as an understanding of the psycho/socio concept of altercation.

Sandra Rascon, Manager, Children, Youth, & Family Services

Sandra Rascon is the Assistant Program Manager for Children, Youth, and Family Services Program and the Parent Facilitator for the Family Learning Program at Toberman Neighborhood Center. After graduating from high school, Sandra went back to work to help support her family. In 2011, Sandra graduated with her B.A. in Liberal Studies from Loyola Marymount University. Sandra has been working for Toberman Neighborhood Center for 6 years and is committed to making an impact in the lives of her clients. Sandra enjoys helping families and children by providing educational support and resources to empower them with the skills for a positive future.

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