Children & Youth Programs

Each of our programs is designed to provide students of all ages with a positive and safe environment for youth to learn and grow.


Toberman’s youth after-school program, for youth grades K-12, has three program components: academic services addressing student achievement, safe supervised recreational activities, and education classes. Academic services provided include tutoring, study skills training and instruction on secondary school completions, including dropout prevention. Toberman serves as an after-school safe spot, assisting with homework completion, and reading/math development. These areas develop the language arts and math skills needed to meet or surpass grade-level academic skills. Toberman also promotes athletics and physical fitness for our youth through organized sports and recreational activities, promoting good health and positive self esteem acquired through team sports as well as offers summer camps. Toberman strives to combat childhood obesity and diabetes, concerns identified through seminars that teach youth about proper nutrition, cooking and healthy lifestyle choices.

Our mission and vision is directly aligned with The Developmental Relationships Framework from the Search Institute. We intend to continue our programming based on the framework to, Express Care, Challenge Growth, Provide Support, Share Power and Expand Possibilities. Being intentional with our actions, we encourage clients to do better, believe in themselves, provide support to achieve their goals, collaborate and lead, make decisions, advocate when needed, connect them with resources and individuals, with the goal to inspire them to a path of self-sufficiency and be successful in life.

To sign up your child, Please contact our Director of Youth Development, Sandra Rascon at 424-234-8141 or email at

College to Career Center

Young Entrepreneurs Program

Young Entrepreneurs Program (YEP) engages underserved young adults between the ages of sixteen and twenty four years old in a series of workshops that will teach them basic principles and skills to start their own business. Our entrepreneur focused program will enable and create many opportunities for young adults to develop crucial life skills that will benefit them later in life. Through an interactive and engaged curriculum led by Toberman staff that consist of weekly guest speakers, we are creating a platform of opportunities and providing an array of positive learning experiences. These experiences allow young adults to learn practical solutions with their peers, our staff and network with successful community businesses and individuals in different career fields. The YEP program will also encourage an intentional component of nourishing healthy positive relationships with those around them and discover an infinite amount of careers that are available to them.

Wi-Fi Club

WiFi Club is an opportunity to access Toberman’s internet for distance learning and homework assistance.

Please Note, WiFi club is currently on hold due to the surge on COVID-19 cases.