Gang Prevention & Intervention

Gang Prevention

Gang Prevention identifies and works with youth at risk between the ages of 10-15 years old. Our staff strive to provide the best support services to the youth and their families with emphasis on avoiding gangs and all related criminal activities. The communities served are Harbor Gateway, San Pedro, Harbor City and Wilmington. Families are offered a variety of free services to inspire change for a better future. Such services include but are not limited to: case management, mentoring, individual and family counseling, youth group meetings, educational, cultural and recreational settings, sports and other activities.

For more information on how to sign up a kid in need, please contact the Prevention staff:

  • Program Manager – David Jones 310-832-1145 ext. 167
  • Jocelyn Licona 310 832 1145 ext 154
  • Fernando Lopez 310 832 1145 ext 126

Gang Intervention

Gang Intervention provides specialized intervention counselors and case managers who mediate disputes and maintain the peace involving local gangs. With the goal of moving clients beyond gangs, our specialist provides wrap-around services such as counseling, case management, reentry services and employment support.

Gang Intervention makes a profound difference every day in the Harbor Area where our current Crisis Intervention Workers are on the streets providing safe passage, ensuring rumors are controlled, as well as working with our youth to help them avoid risky and illegal behaviors and managing disputes. The Harbor Area is geographically the largest zone in Los Angeles, covering San Pedro, Wilmington, Harbor City, and Harbor Gateway. Our workers serve clients and their families to provide crisis intervention work and comprehensive services in all four of these communities daily.

Our strategies to address the gang problem is consistent with research evidence-based practices in the field of gang intervention. We offer intensive case management and positive role models. We engage the entire family to support our clients and we focus on dealing directly with the complex problems of poverty, unemployment, homelessness, and violence facing our clients.

If you or someone you know needs our Gang Intervention services please contact our Assistant Manager Russell Martinez at 310-832-1145 ext. 130 or email